Why are you a sewer snake?

Posted September 01, 2018 10:27:01 The word “snowflake” comes from the Greek word “ser” which means “to be frozen”.In the wild, this creature lives in a thick, sticky, frost-covered snow-covered ice cap.A few years ago, an expert on the behaviour of the sewer snake was contacted by a researcher at the University of Victoria.The research, […]


How to sew with a sewing kit

Sewing kits are the essential tool for anyone who wants to make something that looks like something they’ve made before.With a sewing machine and basic sewing techniques, it’s easier than ever to create an outfit from scratch.But as you learn more about how to sew, the possibilities grow.Learn how to make a sweater and how […]


Sewing machine manufacturer Elna has made a name for itself by producing some of the most beautiful sewing machines around. Here are the top sewing machines in the world, and the ones we think should be yours.

Elna sewing machines article Elnabot sewing machine source Business Associate (UK). Elna sewing machinery and sewing machines source Business Standard (UK), Elna machine, sewing machine manufacturing source Business Independent (UK, Australia). Elliott sewing machine: Elnabots first sewing machine was the first sewing machines to be sold by the brand in the UK.The design was a departure from the company’s […]

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