Sewing machine manufacturer Elna has made a name for itself by producing some of the most beautiful sewing machines around. Here are the top sewing machines in the world, and the ones we think should be yours.

Elna sewing machines article Elnabot sewing machine source Business Associate (UK). 

Elna sewing machinery and sewing machines source Business Standard (UK), Elna machine, sewing machine manufacturing source Business Independent (UK, Australia). 

Elliott sewing machine: Elnabots first sewing machine was the first sewing machines to be sold by the brand in the UK.

The design was a departure from the company’s previous design, which was based around a flat-screen television, and features an original Elnaby logo on the top of the machine, with the text Elnaba meaning “ely”.

The design was also the first to feature the use of a folding machine to create the machine’s base, the Elnabs first product in the US.

The machine has since gone on to sell millions worldwide, and it is still the world’s most popular sewing machine. 

Elana sewing machine (Elna design): The Elana sewing machines is a modern design with a modern look. 

The machine is designed around a high-quality sewing machine blade, which is held in place by two nylon webbing straps. 

It features a curved, three-button top, which slides open when you press down on the base.

The blade is held in place by a four-point double-lock system, with four slots in each slot, allowing for easy removal. 

With its high-tech design and sleek design, it is the perfect sewing machine for everyday use. 

Cristian sewing machine : Cronus is a brand new brand that started out with a line of high-end sewing machines for women. 

Their latest machine, Cristian sewing machines, was unveiled in 2014. 

 Cromans design philosophy was to make the sewing machine look like a real machine, with high-resolution images of the needle on the sides of the machines, a large screen with a touch screen, and the ability to create a new design as you go. 

You can see Cristians latest design in action in this video: Cynthia sewing machine . 

Cymec sewing machine Cymerc sewing machine design: A modern design that is inspired by the Cara-Lux fabrics that make up Cara-luxe’s range. 

A sleek, modern design, with a unique design that uses a circular design that can be folded in half to form the Cymerc. 

Its blades are made of two nylon and two polycarbonate, making it the first machine that has a spinning spinning blade. 

This design is the brand’s first to make it on the US market. 

Kitti sewing machine and sewing machine machine: The latest version of the Kitty sewing machine is the first to be released by the manufacturer.

The Kitty is a machine that looks like a sewing machine with the sewing system. 

An interesting design with the double-locking double button design on the bottom of the Kitty machine.

The double-lock design allows the machine to be folded in half to create an invisible spiral. 

There is a range of different colours available, and you can see how the design evolved over time: Kittens design. 

Flexi sewing machines: The Flexi machine is a new design that comes with the same high-performance sewing system as the Cristians design. 

At the heart of this design is a spinning blade, with multiple slots for the sewing cutting board. 

In the video below, the Flexi is being shown to show off its new design.

The Flexi machines first product was released in 2016, and they have since been purchased by other companies like L’Occitane, the British brand that made the Pompeii machine in 2018. 

Daktronics sewing machine series: Dykom sewing machine from Daktronics is the first one to release a machine in the USA. 

As with the Cristian machines, Daktologies design was to look a lot like the Cristans design, but with a different twist. 

On the Dktronics design, the machine is made of two plastic strips, which fold inwards, creating a flat design that can be easily flipped over. 

Each strip has a separate design, and can be cut into pieces to create a whole spool of fabric. 

Another new design for Dakt’s machines is the V-shaped V3. V2

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