How to Make a Suit from a Suit Jacket

Sewing is a fascinating and ever-changing activity that can be fun, creative, or even dangerous, and a number of people, from professional seamstresses to hobbyists, have spent their careers exploring the science of sewing.

Today, there’s an increasing interest in making the garment you’re dreaming about, so I asked some of the most creative and talented designers to share their most iconic designs and the best sewing techniques they’ve used to create their creations.

This article is the result of a collaborative process that included some interviews, dozens of hours of video and hundreds of photographs.

There are some familiar names from the sewing world, such as Victoria Hooper, Paul Smith and Edie Johnston, as well as newcomers to the field such as Robyn, Elizabeth and Julie.

The process of crafting a suit is one of the greatest and most rewarding experiences of a person’s life.

In this video, you can hear the story behind some of our favourite suits from the past and the current design trends.

I hope you enjoy this video.


Suit Jacket, New York Fashion Week, 2014, edited by Mary Jo White and Joanne Davis. 

A suit jacket is a classic, and is one that has endured through generations, even before modern clothing was invented.

But for many people, the iconic suit jacket that you see at your local tailor’s shop is no longer a timeless classic. 

The original jacket was created by a young lady in 1882, and was originally made in a style called an apron. 

Nowadays, the classic suit jacket has undergone a significant transformation.

The design has been reworked and updated to reflect the modern world and modern trends, with modern fabrics, designs and finishes. 

You can read more about this process here. 


Seam Suit, London Fashion Week 2015, edited by Sarah Moore and Joanna Lecce. 

This suit jacket, by Sarah Moore, was created in the 1920s by a sewing apprentice in London.

It was designed for women with small breasts.

The style of the suit is very casual, and the design has changed a lot since it was first created. 


Lining, London Style, 2015, by Joanna Moore. 

Joanna Lecoce’s line of skirt skirts and blouses from the London Fashion week, featuring floral patterns and an embroidered lace lining, is very modern. 


Fabric: Cotton, wool and linen, sewing inks, fabric mixing source New Scientist article This is a lovely example of the cotton-fibre blend fabrics, which have become popular in recent years. 

These fabrics can be used for all sorts of things from skirts to dresses to jackets and suits, and are very versatile. 


Buckled Jacket, London, Fashion Week 2016, edited. 

By Joanna Leigh, the Buckled Jacket is a very simple design.

It’s made of a wool jacket, linen shirt, a cotton waistcoat, a linen belt and a wool cap. 

It’s made from two layers of silk and a second layer of cotton. 


Hemmed Suit, New Zealand, style, 2015 edited by Paul Watson. 

Paul Watson is a designer of both the suit jacket and the hemmed suit.

The hemmed suits are a favourite of men, but also appeal to women. 

He said: It is the style that I’m most interested in. 

I have a couple of really simple suits that I sew in the morning and then I sew them up at night and it’s just a really lovely way to dress up. 7. 

Cushioned Jacket, Paris Fashion Week 2017, edited in collaboration with Paul Watson and Kate Hargrave. 

Kate is a British fashion designer, best known for her suits for the Royal Family. 

In a nod to the suit jackets, Kate’s suits feature a corked, padded lining that makes them soft and breathable. 


Sweater, London Styles, 2016, by Eliot Moulton, edited with editing by Mary Jane O’Brien and Joannie Lecci. 

Elicit some of your favourite styles from the modern era, including the suits, pants, trousers and jackets of the 1940s and 1950s. 


Knit Suit, London Fashion Week 2018, edited at edited in collaboration by Mary Lecchi. 

If you’ve ever wanted to sew a knit suit, or have an idea for one, you’ll love this tutorial by Elizabeth. 


Vacuum Jacket, 2015 edited by Mary Jo Watson and JoAnn McArthur. 

Mary Jo Watson, an award-winning seamstress and designer of bespoke fabrics and accessories, is an absolute master at this process. 

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