The perfect DIY machine to repair the toilet in your house

Posted February 04, 2019 11:01:54 If you are going to repair your toilet, the DIY machine may be the way to go.

We have compiled a list of the best and most basic sewer repair machines available on the market.

The best sewer repair machine for repair of toilets is called the “basic sewing machine”.

It has a basic sewing thread, a small metal rod, and a small wooden dowel that you can fold over and attach to the toilet seat.

Here’s how to fix your toilet.


Open the toilet and insert the dowel and thread.


Cut the dowell to fit the hole.


Now, you will need to take the dowels and thread and bend them into the desired shape.


Next, attach the dowells to the hole using a piece of wood or PVC pipe.

This is the easiest way to repair a toilet seat because the holes are small and easy to see.


Now it’s time to insert the toilet plunger into the hole, which will force the water out.


This is what happens if the plunger gets stuck.


You can replace the plunging with a new one.


Now you can clean the toilet with a bucket and water.


If you need to replace a screw, you can just buy a new screw.


Now that you have all that, it’s a matter of taking the plungers out of the toilet, placing the toilet into the sewer, and inserting the toilet.

Read more about sewer repair:

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