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How to Make a Slip-on Sewing Table with a Fabric Stitch Pattern

By the time you finish this tutorial, you’ll be ready to make an extra-small table for your next gathering.

And for a few extra dollars, you can make a slip-on sewing table for just $75!

You can use any fabric you’d like to make this slip-up table, and the instructions will show you how to make your own slip-ons, too.

The pattern comes in two sizes.

The standard size will work for most sewing projects, while the extra-large size will be the perfect size for those who need to make a large table. 

The sewing pattern has the same stitch patterns you’ve come to know and love, and is a great way to make things look fancy.

Here’s what you’ll need: One piece of fabric (you can use a standard fabric for this project, as well) A large sewing needle A fabric sack or large box Optional: A sewing mat Instructions for sewing the table below are available online and printable on your computer or printer. 

Start with your sewing needle. 

For the fabric sack, you need to choose a fabric with a large enough stretch to cover your table.

(You can use the standard fabric or use any kind of fabric you want.)

For the fabric box, you will need to cut out a circle for your fabric. 

Begin by placing the fabric on the fabric sacks or boxes.

Fold the fabric in half. 

Once the fabric is folded in half, you should be able to see the fold.

You will need two small pieces of fabric to fold the fabric, so you can measure out the distance you need between the two pieces. 

Cut out the fabric and place them on your fabric sacks. 

Next, place one of the fabric pieces over the fabric that you just folded in.

Repeat for the second piece. 

Repeat for the other fabric piece.

Repeat for both the fabric pouch and the fabric bag. 

After all the pieces are folded, you may need to flip the fabric so that the two sides are facing each other.

You can do this by folding the fabric to the left, right, or back. 

Then fold the remaining fabric back to the original fold position. 

Use your sewing machine to press out the ends of the pieces.

Place the scraps of fabric onto your fabric sack. 

Place the fabric into the box. 

You will need one of these two boxes. 

Press your sewing pattern onto the fabric.

You should be left with two loops of fabric.

 Attach the two ends of one of your fabric loops to the other end of the box and press the two loops together.

Repeat with the other loop of fabric, attaching them to the ends. 

Now you need two loops, one at the top and one at each end of your table, to make two separate table frames. 

Attach one of those fabric loops onto one of its two sides, and press them together. 

This will create two loops on the other side.

Press the two loop together.

Press one of them against the back of the table, as shown in the picture above. 

And that’s it! 

For extra room, you could make an additional table, using a separate fabric sack instead of the two fabrics in the previous step. 

With this technique, you do not have to remove the table from the fabric you have folded.

You only have to cut the fabric off the fabric scraps that you want to make it, and place it on the box, table, or fabric pouch. 

If you have any questions about this tutorial or how to use this sewing pattern in your sewing projects or sewing projects you’re working on, contact us!

We’d love to help! 

Get the Recipe How to Turn a Slip on Sewing Template into a Slip Table with Fabric Pattern Pattern Printable PDF PDF | Slide Show | WordPress | Embed This tutorial shows you how you can turn a slip on sewing template into a slip table with a fabric pattern.

This sewing table can be used for sewing a wide variety of items, including tablecloths, chairs, and even dressers.

For many different purposes, you want a slip onto your sewing table to be as easy to make as possible. 

First, take your fabric scraps and fold them into a circle. 

In order to make the pattern more consistent, fold the circle to the right so that you have two small fabric loops, and fold the folded fabric back down. 

Continue folding the folded pieces together until the fabric ends are about 2 inches long. 

Do this by placing one fabric loop on one side, and one on the opposite side. 

When you are done, attach the other folded piece to the opposite end of one side of the pattern. 

Make a loop and pull the fabric through it, starting from the inside. 

Push the folded piece toward the outside, with the ends hanging over

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