A sewing lesson on sewing basics

If you’re new to sewing, this video is for you.

It covers a wide range of topics including: how to sew and cut a seam, how to adjust the size of a fabric, how the sewing machine works and how to attach a needle to the fabric.

The video also gives tips on how to create the perfect garment using different materials.

The video is based on a sewing class I taught in 2015 for about 30 students.

I think it was a really helpful resource for them to learn about different materials and the different ways to create garments.

You can download the video here: video also features a couple of fun tips that I really love.

The first is the “screw the tail” technique, which you can find on this thread on the sewing forums: https:/ / 419424 The second tip is the one that caught my eye.

When I first saw this tip, I knew I had to try it.

I started with a simple project I wanted to create.

I cut a piece of fabric in half and then made a slit in it to stitch the tail.

The tail was so long that I had a difficult time keeping it straight.

So, I started sewing the tail using a needle and thread and it looked great.

Then, I decided to try this technique on a different piece of clothing that I wanted.

I used a zipper, a button and a zipper puller.

I wanted the tail to hang up so I didn’t need to stitch it all the way through.

After sewing the tails, I put them in the fabric and pinned them together.

This created a lot of holes in the tail, so I ended up using the zipper pullers to create a seam.

Next, I used the button to pull the tail through the zipper.

I did this by using my index finger to push the button down.

This created a tight fit that held the tail together.

Once I was satisfied with the seam, I cut the fabric, glued it to the zipper and sewed it.

It worked like a charm.

With the seam sewn in, I went to the next step, attaching the needle.

To attach the needle, I tied the tail at the top of the fabric to the seam with a loop and then I wrapped the loop around the needle in the back of the sewing kit.

This helped keep the tail straight.

I then used the same loop on the tail of the zipper, which held the needle to it.

I wrapped this loop around both the needle and the tail and then tied it with the same piece of thread as the tail I had attached.

Now, to sew, I use a needle that is 3/8″ long and 1/2″ wide.

I attach the end of the needle through the back hole of the thread, and then thread the needle around the tail with the needle at the front.

This is a great way to create that perfect “snapping” seam.

I was also surprised to see how easy it was to sew the tail on.

 The video shows how to make a simple, but very effective sewing pattern that is both easy to make and easy to sew.

If you’re ready to start sewing, the tutorial video below shows you how to cut a stitch that is 2″ wide, 2 1/4″ long, 1″ deep and then sewed the fabric in place.

The technique is so simple that I would recommend trying it out for yourself.


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