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What is the Metropolitan Sewer District’s plan to clean up its sewer system?

A new plan from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is making waves in the sewer industry, but it’s far from the only one. 

The agency is taking a number of steps to clean-up its system after it was found to have a history of leaks. 

While the plans are being rolled out, a number are also being dismantled. 

Among the proposed changes are:  New, larger sewers with better air flow and more air-purifying technology.

New, smaller sewers to handle large volumes of sewage.

An additional $250 million to improve wastewater collection and treatment.

More frequent cleanups. 

But as we recently reported, this is not the only plan the district is considering.

The agency is also considering plans to eliminate its existing sewer-disposal equipment, and install a new, more efficient system of conveyor belts and pipes. 

These proposals were also made public last month. 

What’s going on in the sewage industry? 

We spoke with one of the industry representatives who helped put the plan together. 

“The water that we drink and the waste that we produce is in many cases just like the water that you drink and it’s not a pollutant,” said the representative, who asked that his name not be used.

“It’s not harmful to your health or the environment.

And the way it is handled is a reflection of the fact that it’s a system of the United States of America.” 

But he said that the plan is also about “rebuilding the city” and that the system is “not the most efficient system in the world.” 

So, what are the alternatives? 

While some cities have moved away from large sewer systems, New York City and San Francisco still have some of the largest in the country. 

If the district’s plan is anything to go by, this should be the time for New York to start thinking about its future.

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