Which one of these is best for my sewing scissors?

The Washington Post / Getty Images / The Washington Star / Getty 3 of 19 / The sewing scissors for sewing are great for the job.

The sewing scissor has become a staple of many women’s lives.

But do they work well for us?

A look at the best sewing scissors, their benefits and their pros and cons.

/ The following are some of the sewing scissors you should have around for any sewing job.1.

Jumbo scissors, $60-200 / This is a big budget cut that can be found in most hardware stores, but is not always available in the hardware department.

It’s a small, lightweight scissors that will cut large and narrow stitches.

It cuts easily, too.

It comes with a blade that can hold up to 3 inches of yarn.2.

Jagger-size scissors, under $50 / These small scissors are a staple in many women to keep around for making your sewing fabric work as well as sewing edges.

They’re perfect for small cuts.

They are not meant for the cutting of large stitches.

They come with a cutting blade that is about 3 inches long.3.

Short-sleeve scissors, between $50-75 / These short-sleeved scissors have a thinner, lighter fabric than the bigger scissors.

They have a blade length of 1/2 inch, which is good for cutting through fabric if needed.

They can be a little bulky when you want to make a few smaller cuts.4.

One-handed scissors, about $60 / This one-handed folding scissors are also great for making small cuts on the fabric.

They don’t have the sharpest edges, but they work great for keeping your sewing project from splitting or sticking together.

They also come with one-finger serrated edges that make it easy to cut through fabric.5.

Two-handed long scissors, around $80 / These two-handed short-folding scissors are made for making large cuts on fabric.

The blade can be sharpened to 1/4-inch or 1/8-inch to make smaller cuts in fabric.

This one is great for cutting fabric for sewing.6.

Long-sock scissors, up to $200 / These long-socks can be used to make your work look like it’s being sewn by a professional.

They make for easy, one-hand cuts, but the sharp edge of the scissors can cut through some fabric.

These long socks are a little heavier than their shorter counterpart.7.

Long needle scissors, from $50 to $100 / These are a good staple to have on hand when you’re trying to make small cuts, such as a zipper or seam, in a fabric.

You can make small, one or two-inch cuts in your fabric.8.

Needle scissors, anywhere from $15-60 / These needle scissors are great to make tiny cuts in the fabric, even in a garment.

They cut through your fabric like a butter knife, which can be great for sewing when you have a lot of fabric.9.

Hand sewing scissors , $50-$200 / If you’re looking for a cheap way to make an impressive, detailed needlework design, hand sewing scissors will be your best bet.

These hand-made scissors are sturdy, sharp, and can cut anything from 1/16-inch wide to a yard and a half of fabric in a single cut.10.

Needles, $2-$5 / The needle is the most important part of any sewing project, and you should be able to find a sewing needle at a decent price.

Hand-made needle scissors can be useful for making the right shape and length for sewing, but you won’t need any fancy tools for making a great design.

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