Why is there a sewer in my back yard?

In one of the most unusual stories of the week, a woman whose back yard is the site of the nation’s largest sewerage project was treated for a parasitic infection after it was discovered she was pregnant.

Cheryl Hargrove, 63, who lives in a house on South Main Street in the upscale Washington Heights neighborhood, said her son’s family had recently moved into the neighborhood and she had a problem with sewer lines.

When she heard the news about the sewer project, she called her son, who told her it was happening.

So she called the city’s emergency operations center, which sent a representative to her home.

Hargroves son told her the sewer line was coming up behind her, she said, so she called 911 and told the operator that it was a sewer line that she could see.

It was a good idea to call the emergency operations team, because she could be in a lot of trouble, she added.

The city called a second time, and when Hargros son arrived, he asked the representative to take a closer look at the sewer lines, the woman said.

He said he thought he could take it back, and the representative told him to wait a couple of hours, according to the woman.

The representative asked him again if he could wait until they were done with the sewer work, the mother said.

Harshe said she waited for two hours.

Then, after the representative said he would be back in five minutes, she took her phone and called the emergency line again.

The next morning, Hargrogs son was sick and his family told him he had a high fever.

She said she called an ambulance and went to the hospital, where doctors found the parasitic infection, according the woman, who asked not to be identified because of the pending litigation.

Haggersons son was treated and released, but he is recovering at home.

The city’s sewage project manager did not return calls seeking comment.

The sewer line is the largest sewer project in the nation and is expected to take about three years to complete, according a report from the city.

It is the third time in the last four years that a woman in the Washington Heights has complained about a sewer project.

In 2013, a resident reported that the line in her back yard had blocked a sewer and the project manager was forced to remove the line and send a contractor to fix it.

The other sewer project that Hargs has filed complaints about is the installation of the Erie Canal to provide water to Cleveland.

In an interview, Harshe acknowledged that she did not know exactly when the sewer was put in her backyard, but she was confident that the sewer would not be a problem for another three to four years.

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