‘Kids sewing machine’ sparks controversy, goes viral in India

The kids sewing machines (KSM) that are being sold online in India are not a new phenomenon, but they have caused some controversy.

According to a post on a website for online stores, the KSMs are a “sewing machines for kids that have been designed to work with the latest in digital technology”.

The posts on the site claim the KMs can make the sewing machine thread by simply clicking the “sew” button and a video of the machine in action is shown.

However, the video has been shared widely and a slew of reactions have emerged on social media.

Some of the reactions on Twitter include: “this is a fake and is only for the kids” “this product is fake and will cost you money” “theres no need to buy this thing” “they dont know what they are talking about” “it is a scam” “kids do not sew””The post on the website also claims the KMS can make sewing machines with “the latest in sewing technology”, such as sewing machines that can read the text on the machine and send a text message to an iPad.

It is not the first time a video has gone viral on social networks.

In January, a YouTube video showing an elderly woman sewing was shared by hundreds of thousands of people.”

The video has since been shared more than 10 million times.”

I’m not really sure what it does yet, but it will make your sewing easier.”

The video has since been shared more than 10 million times.

However the seller of the video, who was not identified, also claimed the machine was a digital sewing machine and that the sewing process was “super easy”.

The seller of a video claiming to show an elderly lady sewing was also arrested by police in the state of Karnataka.

The woman in question, who is in her 90s, has not been named.

A spokesperson for the Karnataka state police said the woman was taken to a hospital after she fell ill and had “an acute respiratory condition”.

In February, a man in India was arrested for allegedly making a fake “seamless” sewing machine.

The man claimed he had “sewn with the KMA” at a store in Chennai.

The seller, identified as Arvind Bhatnagar, claimed the device was a “tutorial machine” and that he had spent “many years of money and effort” to make the machine.

“It’s not the easiest machine to sew with but I’ve done it for years.

You can learn to sew from this machine,” he said.”

The machine has a 3D design and has been specially made for me by me.

I have also been sewing with it for several years now,” he told The New Indian Express.

In September, a similar video was shared on the online shopping platform Ebay, claiming to be a sewing machine that was created by a woman in Bengaluru.

“I made this thing with the help of the kamala sewing machine for my family.

My family is really proud of it.

This is a real machine.

It can be used to sew,” the video on the seller’s website read.

The video was subsequently shared more then 5 million times on Facebook.

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