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Why did the ‘Wings’ star get stitches in her armpits?

By NICOLE MCCARTHY, Associated Press WriterWASHINGTON — (AP) The ‘WINGS’ star has stitches in the armpit area, and her new album, “Songs,” may be too risqué for her fans.

The band’s lead singer has been working with a prosthetic for the past two years, but she’s not done with the project yet.

She says she’s going to be out of the band for a while, and she wants to do it right.

But the prosthetic has been a huge hit with fans, who have been lining up to get their hands on her new work.

She wants to put a face on the project, and the band’s label is trying to raise money to pay for it.

But she says they can’t go through with it, and instead will start with a different approach.

The new album is scheduled to hit stores on June 22.

It includes songs by members of the “Wings,” including guitarist Nick Krasnow, who sings lead on “Waves.”

She’s also joined by bassist Mike DeLuca and drummer Dave Pascale.

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