How to sew braidy fabrics

New Delhi: Braidy fabric has been invented for the first time in India.

The new braidable fabric, which uses the braid-like structure of the human hair, has been developed by the Braidless Sewing and Fabric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

(BSFLC), a company founded by renowned Indian textile designer and founder of the BSAF group, M.K. Sood.

Braidy is the fabric made up of two strands of silk thread.

Its structure has been designed to withstand heavy impacts, such as a hammer and a bullet, and it can withstand being cut into a multitude of shapes and sizes.

The fabric can be made from any of the various silk fabrics used in Indian textile making, including the jade and karat.

Sreenivas Birla, who is also the CEO of BSFLC, told The Times that it has been made with “no plastic, no glue, no electricity”.

“It is made of pure silk thread, which is made by weaving it in two strands.

We have used a single needle for weaving,” he said.

The Braidable Sewing Co. Ltd, based in Patna, has raised $25 million from a consortium of investors including Tata Sons, Adani Group, and Reliance Industries.

The company, which has been around for more than 20 years, is looking to raise capital from a range of investors to accelerate its business.

Brazile fabric is made up in two threads, the first of which is woven in the BSK plant at Jantar Mantar, in Mumbai.

The second thread is spun into a braid and spun again to make the baleen.

The braid is then made into a fabric that is then woven into the fabric.

The braid was developed using the “braidlike structure” of the hair, and is similar to the human scalp.

It was originally invented in India for the use of hair styling.

It is also used for textile production.

“The bales are spun and spun several times in a row, with the thread being spun in the centre and the bales being spun to the sides, to form a balee,” Sreenivas Birlan, the founder and CEO of the company told The Indian Express.

“It is spun in this way to keep the weave from stretching.

This is done to give a shape to the fabric, giving it strength and elasticity.”

He added that braid, when folded, can form a ribbon.

The silk thread that makes up the fabric is the only one that can be used in making the baille.

Braid is used to weave the bails in various sizes.

It can be woven from 100 to 1,000 bales, and from 200 to 2,000.

“It can be spun at any size and the size of the bawls can vary depending on the number of threads that are used,” Srinivas B. said.

“For example, a bawl of 100 bales can be twisted up to 12,000 times.

A braid of 200 bales has a span of 18 feet.

It has the strength to withstand a hammer strike and a large bullet.

It also has elasticity to absorb a lot of force.”

According to Sreenivedas, braid can also be used for sewing, which was invented in the 19th century.

“Braid is not only a great material for textile making but it also can be utilised for embroidery, and for other kinds of sewing and embroidering,” he added.

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